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F.I.T. in 69 days
3 programs to cleanse your body, maintain a healthy lifestyle, build lean muscles
  1. Clean 9 - 9 days
    Clean 9 - 9 days
    The Clean 9 program can help you to jump-start your journey to a slimmer, healthier you. This effective, easy-to-follow cleansing program will give you the tools you need to start transforming your body today!
  2. F.I.T. 1 - Lifestyle, 30 days
    F.I.T. 1 - Lifestyle, 30 days
    Forever F.I.T. 1 will teach you how the change the way you think about food and exercise and provide you with the knowledge you need to get inspired and change your body for the better! 
  3. F.I.T. 2 - Muscles, 30 days
    F.I.T. 2 - Muscles, 30 days
    Forever F.I.T. 2 will take you to the next level by helping you to tone your body, burn more calories and transform. Lean muscle is essential to weight loss for both men and women, and Forever F.I.T. 2 program will help you learn how to build it and sustain it!